Creswell, OR Bus And Auto Head-On Crash, Apr 1958


Eugene, Ore. (AP) - A trip to a high school dance ended in death for five persons when their car collided head-on with a Greyhound Bus Friday night.
The car and bus smashed into each other on State Highway 226 near the small western Oregon town of Creswell, 12 miles south of here.
A high school dance at Creswell was the destination of the victims, three young men and two girls. Nine of the 25 persons aboard the bus were injured, none seriously.
It was one of the worst traffic accidents in Oregon history.
State Police Sgt. Harry Nelson said the collision came as the car tried to turn off the highway.
The bus went out of control after the collision and veered into a shallow roadside ditch, but remained upright, police said. The crumpled car careened into the same ditch and came to rest about 40 feet from the bus. It took two hours to remove the bodies.
The male victims were identified as:
JOHN LOUIS BRODIGAN, 17, of nearby Cottage Grove;
DONALD KEITH MATTHEWS, 16, also of Cottage Grove;
and THOMAS RILEY HUCKEBY, 21, of Lindsay, Okla.

The Daily Chronicle Centralia Washington 1958-04-05