Hood River, OR Boulder Crashes Into Auto, Jan 1946


Hood River, Ore., Jan. 7 (UP) - A dislodged boulder tumbled a car over a high cliff on the Columbia River today, killing a recently discharged marine major and seriously injuring an equipment company engineer.
HAROLD LESTER ODOM, 28, of Portland and Louisiana, was killed when thrown
from the careening car on its downward plunge to a ledge 200 feet below the highway. He is a brother of state engineer Leo Odom of Baton Rouge, Louisiana, and is survived by his wife and child in Louisiana.
Injured was ED L. SURFUS, 42, of Oregon City, driver of the car. He suffered head, pelvis and chest injuries but Hood River hospital attendants said his condition was serious but not believed critical. He was conscious.
Both men were sales representatives for the Nelson equipment company of Portland.
Officials of the company said Major ODOM had been wounded with the marines on Tinian and had gone through the campaigns of Tarawa, Okinawa, and other Pacific battles. He was discharged in October and joined the Portland concern a month later.
SURFUS has been with the company about four years, almost since its founding.
The accident occurred near Mosier Tunnel, about five miles east of Hood River. Heavy rains had dislodged rocks along the steep-walled canyon and apparently one of them struck the moving car. The car veered out of control and rolled down the bank, shearing off underbrush. It stopped some distance from the railroad tracks and river below the highway. The car was demolished and rescue workers had some difficulty in removing SURFUS.

Bend Bulletin Oregon 1946-01-07