Linnton, OR Woman on Tracks Hit by Train, Sept 1930


Mrs. Phillips Brought Here After Linnton Accident

Mrs. Robert Phillips, widow of a Portland detective was struck by an S., P. & S. freight train last night near Linnton suffering the loss of her left leg just below the knee cap.

She was taken to Emanual hospital in a Red Cross ambulance and placed immediately on the operating table, where surgical aid was rendered.

Hospital attendants, who were unable to identify the woman at once, said that her condition was critical and that she was suffering from loss of blood and shock.  She was unconscious when brought in.

Woman Walking on Track.

Members of the ambulance crew said that they learned that the woman had been walking the tracks with a companion.  A. A. Stoltz, plumber, of 745 Vancouver avenue, when the accident occurred.  They were unable to give any details.

The train crew told police that they first saw her sitting on the rail and that she apparently did not hear or see the locomotive.  The train was bound for Astoria.  Patrolman Wright, Linnton, was sent to investigate.

She is the widow of Robert L. Phillips, Portland detective, who, for years, composed half of the famous team of Tackaberry and Phillips.  He did approximately a year ago.  Mrs. Phillips formerly lived at 693 East Sixty-sixth street North.

Oregonian, Portland, OR 29 Sept 1930