Cascade Locks, OR Dreadful Train Accident, Jan 1890

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Names of the Injured.
Following are the names of the injured, with the nature of their injuries:
Conductor H. C. FRENCH, severe scalp wounds, left arm broken, sprain in small of back, bruises about the arm and knees.
Brakeman ED. SEALEY, left ankle sprained, bad face cuts.
Section Foreman CHARLES A. JENSEN, fracture of the frontal bone in head, deep scalp wound and bruises of the legs. He will probably die.
Division Roadmaster PAT GLENN, two ribs in right side broken and serious head bruises.
Section Laborer LEWIS STRAUS, hands badly burnt, severe body bruises.
Section Laborer LEWIS PHILLIPS, right shoulder dislocated, bruises about the body.
Section Laborer PAT FLAHERTY, dislocated shoulder blade, bruises about the legs, severe.
Section Laborer THEO. COYLE, severe scalp wounds and body bruises.
Section Laborer LEWIS ALLWIS, right leg and head severely bruised.
Section Laborer LEWIS MAYER, both hands badly burnt and the femoral bone injured.
Section Laborer ANTON KNAKLIS, two ribs on the right side broken.
Section Laborer PAT SULLIVAN, fracture of the skull and severe body bruises.
Section Laborer ERICK HILISDAD, dislocation of right shoulder, severe bruises.
Besides five others whose names are not known, who, however, were only slightly wounded, and seven Chinamen, one of whom will probably die.
Conductor FRENCH, Roadmaster GLENN, C. A. JENSEN and ED. SEALEY were taken to the Dalles for treatment and the rest remained at the Locks.

The inquest.
The coroner's inquest took place on Monday afternoon at Cascade Locks, at 9 A.M. in a caboose and lasted until about 2 P.M., before Coroner Michell, of the county of Wasco. The principal witnesses summoned were Engineer George, Fireman Avery, Brakeman Emerick, Bridge Foreman Neff, and two track walkers on the section, Conductors Clark and Weedan, Section Foreman Roland, of The Dalles, and Division Roadmaster Pat Glenn. The testimony was entirely directed to the fact of the wreck and the condition of the bridge and as to whether the railroad company had used due diligence in looking after the bridge. The jury went to the scene of the wreck under which lay the body of WILLIAM COLE, and after viewing the same, returned to deliberate upon their verdict. After about thirty minutes consultation they returned a sealed verdict. The coroner and clerk returned to The Dalles on Monday evening by boat.

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