Portland, OR Hearse Runs Down Child, Feb 1916

Funeral Is Halted While 14 Months Old Boy Is Carried Home.

Nick Falotico, the 14 months old son of Mr. and Mrs. Rocco Falotico, 615 Fourth Street, was possibly fatally injured by being struck by Finley & Sons' Hearse during a funeral yesterday afternoon. The funeral party stopped while the child was taken home and a physician summoned, and then went on to Riverview Cemetery.
The child was sitting in front of his home near Fourth and Sheridan Streets when the funeral party approached. He jumped up and ran out into the road, evidently intending to cross the street. he fell and the front wheel of the hearse struck the child's chest, crushing several ribs. The child was taken to St. Vincent's Hospital. The hearse was driven by D.D. Parks and stopped within six feet. Dr. H.F. Leonard was summoned by W.W. Johns, a member of Finley & Sons, and the baby was hurried to the hospital.

Morning Oregonian; 2-25-1916; Vol LVI; Issue 17142; pg 1