Eddyville, OR Bridge Collapsed, Aug 1900


MR. and MRS. M. D. WELTIN and son EARL, MRS. L. A. S. LUCKEY, mother of MRS. WELTIN, and ROY ROBINS, the latter's son, returned last Friday from Corvallis to their home near Eddyville. They were crossing the bridge over the Yaquina, about 400 yards north of C. C. McBride's store, when it collapsed and precipitated them into the water, twenty-four feet below. Mr. McBride heard the crash, immediately followed by MR. WELTIN'S calls for help. Hastening to the scene, he lent his assistance to MR. WELTIN and ROY ROBINS in getting the less fortunate members of the family from the water, which at that point is 5 1/2 feet deep. The body of MRS. LUCKEY came to the surface, limp and lifeless. She had evidently been instantly killed by a blow on the head from one of the broken bridge stringers. EARL, the 3-year-old son, was unconscious when rescued by ROY ROBINS, but by prompt action the little fellow was resuscitated. He was not much injured by the fall, but narrowly escaped drowning. MRS. WELTIN sustained many painful bruises, and these combined with the nervous shock make her condition very serious. MR. WELTIN was slightly injured, while ROY ROBINS came out of the awful mishap unharmed. The horses were not much injured and the wagon and harness but slightly damaged.

Lincoln County Leader Toledo Oregon 1900-08-10