Portland, OR Dynamite Explosion, May 1915

Dynamite Kills Farmer

Antone, Stawney, 61, Blown in Air by Accidental Explosion.

Ruxton, Or., May 28.-(Special.)-Antone Stawney, aged 61 , was killed early this morning when a stick of dynamite exploded, throwing Stawney far into the air and severing part of his head from the body.

The death apparently was accidental, for the widow knows no cause why her husband should have committed suicide. Stawney formerly was a resident of Portland, where he had a brother living, and four or five years ago came here and settled on a small farm, which was thickly wooded. Mr. Stawney kept his dynamite for stumps in a hole near his barn. He arose as usual this morning at 5 o’clock and started to do his customary chores. Ten minutes later he was picked up dead. No one saw the accident. Of his immediate family only his widow survives.

Oregonian, Portland, OR 29 May 1915