Celilo, OR Train Wreck, Dec 1921

Wreck Probe Is Planned.

At the general offices of the O.W.R. & N. company it was said yesterday that high officials of the company were due to reach The Dalles late yesterday to begin an investigation of the disastrous wreck. This part includes C.R. Gray, president; J.P. Obrien, general manager; Vice-President Calvin, in charge of operation, and General Superintendent Finch.

The coroner at The Dalles announced yesterday he would conduct a coroner’s inquiry into the tragedy, starting today, while the railroad’s official board of inquiry also is expected to get under way at the same time.

A sudden determination to seek a Pullman berth for a few hours rest rather than sit up in a day coach between Biggs and Portland probably saved the life of R.B. Yettick, 1066 East Tenth street North. Mr. Yettick boarded train No. 17 at Biggs for Portland and at first took a seat in the day coach, where most of the fatalities occurred.

Search Made for Berth.

About five minutes before the crash came he walked back into the Pullman in search of a berth, and this saved him from any injury in the wreck.

Mr. Yettick had nothing by the highest praise for the train crew as well as Pullman passengers and said that everything possible was done both by the company and volunteers to relieve the suffering of the injured persons.

“There were two druggists and one doctor aboard the train, and these three fell right in to give first aid with the medicine equipment on the trains,” he said “Working as they did with the aid of little pocket flashlights and under the most adverse conditions, they performed a wonderful service.

“As soon as the passengers in the Pullmans at the rear had been informed of the wreck, they gladly vacated their berths for the injured persons and gave much assistance toward relieving the suffering.”

Oregonian, Portland OR 2 Dec 1921


Two Victims Yamhill Folk

Son and Mother-in-Law of Truck Driver Killed.

McMinnville, Or., Dec. 1.-(Special.)-Two victims of the Celilo train wreck were Yamhill county residents and relatives of a McMinnville man, Lloyd Cole, Standard oil truck driver.

Telegrams received by Mr. Cole today stated that his 5-year-old son Jack and his mother-in-law, Mrs. John Walling, of Amity, were killed. Mr. Cole’s wife and another child also in the wreck were not killed, although he could not ascertain information as to his wife’s condition. Mrs. Walling was the wife of an Amity mail carrier.

Oregonian, Portland OR 2 Dec 1921