Celilo, OR Train Wreck, Dec 1921

The Less Seriously Inured.

Mrs. L. Whitesides, The Dalles.
Lois Mulholland, La Grande (6 years).
C.A. Clem, Albany.
W.R. Trotter, Vancouver, B.C.
Lewis Jones, porter, Portland.
L.M. McConnell, Portland.
Mrs. H.M. Averill, Portland.
J.W. Mount, Portland.
J.L. McCrary, Portland.
C.S. Brenna, Polson, Mont.
S.A. Young, Astoria.
Mrs. E.G. Hanson, Portland.
A. Rodd Jr., Heppner.
Everett E. Thompson, Portland.
Mrs. B.E. Leonard, Pendleton.
James Hannah, Moro, Or.
Mrs. J.O. Meier, Farmington, Minn.
Ed Roan, Portland.
Fred Buris, Corvallis, Or.
C.K. Barker, Condon.
W.W. McHenry, Portland.
Mr. and Mrs. M. Stoltz, Portland.
Mrs. S.M. Brown, Burley, Idaho.
Mrs. O.K. Faulk, Portland.
George Reardon, Portland.
Ed Ran, Irwin, Pa.
Mr. and Mrs. W.A. Van Gilder, The Dalles.
J.A. Moore, express messenger, Portland.
C.J. Booster, Walla Walla.
Horoot S. Kirrahan, Spokane.
Fanny Neal, Dayton.
Mrs. Martha Trefz, Walla Walla.
Albert Weitkamp, Green Acres, Wash.
John H. Pedigo, Walla Walla.
A.W. Eiler, Walla Walla.
N.C. Freed, Garfield, Wash.
Albert Oberst, Sherwood, Or.
Everett Thompson, Echo, Or., back sprained.
E.A. Poe, Ione, Wash.
Y.C. Mansfield, Sunnyside, Wash.
O.F. James, Spokane.
A. Johnson, porter, Chicago, neck sprain.
F.S. Rabedow, Minturn, Col.

Cause Not Yet Known.

Although railroad officials will be unable to determine the exact cause of the wreck until the official inquiry is completed, it was said unofficially, that the crash undoubtedly was due to a mistake in train orders. The inquiry will get underway today.

Because of the damage sustained by the railroad bridge at Eagle Creel all O.W.R. & n. trains were being routed over the Spokane Portland and Seattle line between Portland and Celilo. Train No. 12, the Spokane limited had just crossed over to the O.W.R. & N. tracks and had proceeded eastward but a short distance when train No. 17, out of Chicago with Portland as its destination, came crashing into it on a deep fill a short distance out of Celilo.

Both Engines Demolished.

Both trains were traveling over the same track because of the detour, although there is a double track system at this point. Both engines were entirely demolished, and two coaches of train No. 1 left the track, badly wrecked, while a lone tourist sleeping coach on train No. 12 was damaged. This car was telescoped. Although the Pullman porter, Yarborough, in this coach was killed almost outright, none of the other passengers was injured. Nearly all the injuries and fatalities were sustained by passengers and employees of train No. 17.

Stub Train Reaches Scene.

A stub train, running between The Dalles and Biggs, to transfer The Dalles passengers to the Portland train and east-bound passengers to the Chicago and Spokane trains, was the first to reach the scene of the accident.

This stub, which left Biggs 10 minutes behind train No. 17, was flagged a short distance from the wreck by Tom Grant, rear brakeman of No. 17, who, in spite of the intense excitement, rushed back down the track and thus prevented another crash.

The engine of the stub was disconnected from the train and rushed to the wreck, loaded with trainmen and railroad officials. First aid was administered to the injured and dying until a corps of physicians and nurses from The Dalles arrived to attend to the wants of the maimed passengers and trainmen.