Springfield, OR Saw Accident, Jun 1915

Saws Nearly Kill Man

Machinery Stopped Barely In Time by Workman at Springfield.

Springfield, Or., June 5.-(Special)-To the presence of mind of William Hiller, trimmer in charge of a gang of saws in the Boot-Kelly mill here, W.G. Hill, trimmer tender, owes his life.

Hill’s duty was to assist in sorting the timbers as they are fed toward the row of 20 rapidly revolving saws. He slipped and fell backwards yesterday afternoon under the iron guard rail with his head among the saws. Hiller lifted the trimmer saws and stopped the feeder chains, barely in time to prevent Hill from being cut to pieces. As it was a great gash was cut in Hill’s head and one hand was cut. It is thought, however, that he will recover.

Oregonian, Portland, OR 6 Jun 1915