Astoria, OR Tornado, Oct 1967


Astoria, Oreg., (UPI) -- Violent winds and slashing rains pelted the Northwest again Tuesday, spawning a tornado iin Northern Oregon.
The rare twister swirled through Astoria, Ore., smashing windows and damaging at least eight homes. Power lines were knocked out, trees uprooted and a small building on a golf course demolished. No injuries were reported.
The tornado followed the worst windstorm in five years in the area.
The entire Pacific Northwest continued to get heavy rainfall. An inch of rain fell at Hoquiam, Wash., during a six-hour period Tuesday. Storm warnings were posted along the coastal area.
Showers fell Tuesday on the Rocky Mountains, Northern Main and South Texas, where residents of Brownsville were keeping a wary eye on the progress of Hurricane Fern, expected to slash into Mexico and move into Texas Tuesday night.

The Independent Long Beach California 1967-10-04