Toronto, ON Train Wreck, Nov 1920

Three to Six Reported Killed in Wreck Of Grand Trunk Express Near Toronto.

Special to The New York Times.

TORONTO, Ontario, Friday, Nov. 26.---The Grand Trunk International Express, No. 16, which left Toronto at midnight for Montreal, was wrecked near New York, a few miles from Toronto. Four persons are reported killed and several injured, with six cars derailed.

Ambulances and doctors have left for the scene of the wreck.

One report states that a freight train crashed into the express, and another that the freight ran into the wreckage before signals could be set. These reports have not yet been verified.

The train had climbed the grade and was gathering speed. It was just passing the crossing at Hickson Avenue, a short distance east of Little York, when it jumped the track and the cars plunged on the ties. The cause is believed to have been a broken rail.

As the train left the rails a freight train was approaching on another track. Neither train could come to a stop in time. The swaying cars of the derailed flyer sideswiped the freight and were thrown over, some of them being demolished.

Another report still unconfirmed says that six bodies in all have been recovered. Six injured have been taken to hospitals.

The dead include Nathamill Brown, Montreal, a Pullman porter, and an unidentified man and woman.

The car which bore the brunt of the collision was the Pullman "Makura." One side of this seemed to be smashed, torn from the rest of the car, and scattered in fragments along the track. Passengers who were in their berths were crushed without a moment's notice. Bodies, berths, and wreckage were indiscriminately mingled.

The New York Times, New York, NY 26 Nov 1920


Toronto train wreck 1920

Trying to find more information about this wreck and have drawn a blank except for this page and the original NY Times article from which it was transcribed. The accident happened "near York" not "near New York". Little York was absorbed by East York in 1903 and was then annexed by the city of Toronto in 1908. York undoubtedly refers to the train station, which later became Danforth station. However I can't find Hickson Avenue on present day maps of the vicinity. Was this street renamed (similar to Landsdowne Ave being renamed Coleman Ave to avoid confusion with Lansdowne in the west end?)