Ottawa, ON Rideau River Flood, Apr 1883

OTTAWA, April 13.---The water in the Rideau River continues to rise rapidly, and it is feared will occasion great loss of property. The track of the St. Lawrence and Ottawa Railway in that vicinity is submerged and has been greatly damage, valued at $15,000, was swept away by the freshet. Cummings bridge further up the river is in great danger.

This afternoon the ice on the Rideau River carried away a house occupied by Mrs. Laframbois, at the foot of Botteler-street. Mrs. Laframbois was in the kitchen at the time, and was crushed to death. The house caught fire by some accident, but the flames were soon extinguished, and the lifeless form of the unfortunate woman. The greatest excitement prevails along the banks of the stream, and many residents have become so terrified that they have deserted their homes. The water rose three feet in five minutes.

The New York Times, New York, NY 14 Apr 1883