Sioux Lookout, ON Plane Crash on Lake, Jan 1941


(Special to The Winnipeg Times)
Sioux Lookout, Ont., Jan. 9 - Banking at low altitude in a snowstorm Tuesday afternoon, a twin-motored Starratt Airways plane crashed into the ice at Bruce Lake, 90 miles north of Hudson, killing the pilot and one passenger.
The pilot was 25-year-old ALBERT W. "BUD" STARRATT, son of R. W. Starratt, president of the airline, and the passenger was HERMAN LASIJA, Red Lake miner, on his way to spend a holiday at his home in Janow, near Elma, Man. The plane was a Beechcraft CF-BGY.

Begins Inquiry.
Assistant Inspector W. M. Emery, Winnipeg of the air regulations branch of the department of transport, flew to Bruce Lake Wednesday to begin an inquiry.
The plane crashed about 2:30 p.m. Tuesday after it had taken off at Red Lake on the return trip to Hudson, 260 miles east of Winnipeg.
Pilot STARRATT had flown the craft to Red Lake Tuesday morning.
Indications were that the aircraft ran into bad weather out of Red Lake, and lost much altitude in the storm. It is believed that when Pilot STARRATT banked to turn, a wing tipo hit the ice on Bruce Lake and capsized the craft.

Couldn't Land.
Charred wreckage of the eight-passenger plane littered the ice. The pilot was thrown clear, but the miner's body was found in the wreck.
Late Tuesday, failing to hear from the plane, Dale Atkinson, Starratt manager, took off from Goldpines in search. He saw flames rising from Bruce Lake, but was unable to land because of poor visibility. On Wednesday, he returned and found the wreck. He brought the bodies back to Sioux Lookout.

First Accident.
In 5,000 hours flying, STARRETT had never had an accident. He learned to fly at the Winnipeg Flying club, and had been a pilot in the Hudson area for four years.
A coroner's jury under Dr. Morrison, Dryden, Ont., viewed the bodies prior to the inquest, date for which has not been set. On the jury were Mayor R. F. Dynes; A. Freeman; L. Potts; W. W. Fuller and G. V. Johnson.
Funeral services for Pilot STARRATT will be held at 2 p.m. Monday in the Gardiner Funeral Chapel, Rev. S. G. Wright, Binscarth, will officiate, and burial will be in the Old St. Andrew's Cemetery.
He is survived by his parents and his wife, the former Vera Lee, Selkirk, Man.
LASIJA'S body will be sent to his home for burial.

Winnipeg Tribune Manitoba Canada 1941-01-09