Peterboro, ON Fire, Jan 1918

$500,000 Fire In Peterboro, Ontario

PETERBORO, Ontario, Jan. 26--This city suffered damage to the extent of probably $500,000 today when one-half of the business section, including the Royal Theatre, Dominion Bank, and other buildings were destroyed by a fire caused by the explosion of a boiler in a shoe store. The high winds and extremely cold weather added to the difficulties of the firemen and assistance was obtained from the town of Lindsay.

The New York Times, New York, NY 28 Jan 1918


Business Section Destroyed.

Peterboro, Ont., Jan. 26--This city suffered damaged estimated at half a million dollars today when fire wiped out one-half of the business section. The fire was caused by the explosion of a boiler in a shoe store. The high wind and extremely cold weather hampered the firemen.

Toronto, Ont., Jan. 26--A serious fire is in progress in Peterboro, an extensive manufacturing town, 94 miles northeast of here.

Wire communication has been interrupted and details so far are meager.

Lindsay, a town 25 miles away, sent aid during the night to help fight the flames.

Peterboro is a port of entry to the Otonabee river and has many manufactories of iron, woodenware, woolens, etc. It has a large export trade in grain, produce and lumber. The famous "Peterboro canoes" are manufactured in the town. The population is about 15,000.

Pueblo Chieftain, Pueblo, CO 27 Jan 1918