Ottawa, ON Steamer QUADRA Wreck, May 1892

Wreck of the Quadra.

OTTAWA, Ontario, May 28.---The Minister of Marine and Fisheries has received a dispatch from the agent of his department at Victoria, stating that the Government steamer Quadra had been washed off Queen Charlotte Island.

The Quadra left Vancouver ten days ago with Mr. Macown of the Geological Survey on board, bound for the American seal breeding grounds off the Pribilof Islands. Mr. Macown's object being to compare seal life on the islands this year with the season of 1891.

The Quadra is a new steel vessel, built at Paisley, Scotland, last year at a cost of $80,000, and reached Victoria only four or five months ago. The vessel has been beached on Queen Charlotte Island. It is thought that she can be saved.

The New York Times, New York, NY 29 May 1892