Ottawa, ON Train Wreck, Jul 1906


Timber-Laden Train Broke in Two Ascending a Steep Incline.

Special to The New York Times.

OTTAWA, Ontario, July 8.---A railroad wreck in which four persons were killed occurred on the Temiskaming and Northern Ontario Railway yesterday. Few details are available. While a train was ascending a steep incline a coupling broke.

The dead are C. L. Potter of Yarmouth, Nova Scotia; F. Mills, probably of Detroit, Mich.; Percy W. Jordan of Carleton Place, Ontario, and George S. Stearns of New Liskeard.

An engine was used in front and another in the rear while ascending the incline. When the coupling gave way, two of the rear cars struck the hind engine with little damage, but the front one failed to gain the curve at the top and there was a second fatal crash. The heavy train, which was loaded with timber, came crashing backward into the cars at the bottom.

The New York Times, New York, NY 9 Jul 1906