Port Dalhousie, ON Steamer ORIENTAL Lost, Oct 1887


Port Dalhousie, Ont., Oct. 25 -- The barge Oriental went down about two miles from this port and about one and a-half miles east of the lighthouse here at two o'clock Monday morning, and it is feared that all hands were lost. The Oriental left Charlotte Saturday night in tow of the propeller Scotia, bound for Toronto with 7,000 tons of coal. The weather being bad the captain of the Scotia tried to reach here but was unable to do so, and then tried to get into Niagara. It is supposed that the straining of the Oriental in the heavy sea opened her seams, causing her to fill and sink.
Captain Fraser, of the Scotia, drove from Niagara to this port yesterday, searching for any signs of the Oriental's yawl or crew, but found no trace of them, and the entire crew were probably lost. The crew consisted of Captain GEORGE STEWART, of Port Dalhousie; EDWARD STARK, of South Bay, mate; CHARLES BAKER, and HERBERT STOREY, both of Kingston, and MINNIE HERBERT, of Kingston, cook. The spars of the sunken vessel are above water and plainly visible from here, and she appears to be lying on an even keel. The Oriental was owned by Captain Samuel Fraser, of Kingston, and was not insured.

Dunkirk Observer Journal New York 1887-10-25