Bayfield, ON (Lake Huron) Steambarge NASHUA Wreck, Oct 1892




Port Huron, Mich., Oct. 6. -- The tug which went in search of the steambarge Nashua, which has been adrift on Lake Huron since Monday night, arrived in Sand Beach Thursday noon and reports having found the Nashua bottom side up, twenty miles from Bayfield at daylight Thursday morning.
The tug made a diligent search in the neighborhood for some of the crew but could not find a trace of any of them, and it is now feared that all are lost. The only names of the missing people known here are:
Captain RICHARD MILLEN and wife.
ARCHIE MUIR of Port Huron, pilot.
CHARLES BROCKWAY, mate, of Brockway, Mich.
JOHN PUTNAM, first engineer, of Detroit. Captain MILLEN owned a third of the unfortunate boat.

Daily Review Illinois 1892-10-07



Port Huron, Oct. 11. -- There can now be no question as to the fate of the crew of the steamer Nashua as this morning the body of a woman was picked up about three miles below Goderich, Ont. It was identified as that of MRS. CAPTAIN D. SHEPHER, Brockway Center, Michigan, who was accompanying her husband on the fatal trip of the Nashua. It was the first tidings received as to the fate of the crew and the two women.

Detroit, Mich., Oct. 11. -- Two additional names to those previously reported lost by the Nashua disaster have been ascertained. JOSEPH WILSON, fireman and GEORGE McCULLOM, watchman, it is positively known were on the ill fated steamer. WILSON had been on board all season. His home is understood to have been in Toledo or that vicinity. McCULLOM was only shipped on the Nashua when she called here on her last trip up. It is thought he has a married sister living in the city but her name cannot be learned. A fireman and one deck hand were shipped here the last trip but who they were is not known. This leaves two wheelsmen, one fireman, the cook and one deck hand still unaccounted for.

Sandusky Daily Register Ohio 1892-10-12