Gravelly Bay, ON (Lake Erie) Schooner C. C. BENSON Lost, Oct 1893

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Buffalo, Oct., 19. -- The schooner lost off Port Colbourne in Gravelly Bay is the C. B. Benson. It was her top masts, painted black, that have been reported by vessel captains, and tugs that have visited the spot confirm their reports.
Among those on board were:
JOHN DUFF, part owner and master, Port Clinton, Ohio.
CURTIS DUFF, his son and mate.
MRS. DUFF, wife of the mate.
Four unknown sailors.
The Benson lies in 80 feet of water. She belonged to the fleet of schooners running between here and Toledo. She measured 280 tons and was built by her captain in 1873. She was valued at $6,500.

Buffalo, Oct. 19. -- It is thought that beyond doubt the vessel off Gravely Bay on the Canadian shore, just below Port Colborne, is the schooner C. B. Benson, Captain DUFF, which left Buffalo Friday to load coal at Erie for Toledo. No bodies have been found on the beach, but this is not strange, as those on the C. F. Finney, which went down last fall, were never recovered. There were 11 men in the crew of the Benson.

Hamilton Daily Democrat Ohio 1893-10-19