Cove Island, ON (Lake Huron) Steamer AFRICA Wreck, Oct 1895



Detroit, Mich., Oct. 10. -- Dispatches from Owen Sound, Ont., announce the most serious marine disaster of the season in the matter of loss of life, through the foundering of the Canadian steamer Africa. The lost steamer was upward bound with coal from Owen Sound, towing the barge Severn, also coal laden. They entered Lake Huron from Georgian Bay Monday evening during the prevalence of a heavy northeast storm. When twenty miles distant from Cove Island the Africa dropped her consort by casting off the towline. The crew of the Severn say she was then rolling badly and in a very short time disappeared entirely, that is her lights could no longer be seen. The lifeboat and yawl of the steamer, as well as a number of life-preservers which belonged to her, have since been picked up on Cove Island, indicating that all on board perished.
The Severn was driven helplessly before the wind and sea until the rocky coast five-miles north of Lolay Island was reached where she stranded and became a total wreck. The crew of the barge took to the rigging for safety, and remained there twenty hours before they were discovered by fishermen and rescued.
The lost crew of the Africa numbered eleven. They were:
Capt. H. P. LARSEN of Toronto.
Mate WILLIAM ANDERSON of Owen Sound.
Chief Engineer HAY of Toronto.
Second Engineer EDWARD FORREST of Toronto.
WILLIAM MANN of Toronto.
JOHN KING of Oakville.
MISS LEE of Toronto.
Two firemen and two deck hands, names unknown. The woman was employed as cook.
The Africa was built at Kingston, Ont., in 1887, had a measurement of 482 gross tons, rated A2 1/2, and was valued in the Canadian Lloyds register at $12,000. Annabella Christie of Toronto owned her. The Severn was built at Welland, Ont., in 1872 and also belonged to Annabella Christie. The measurement of the barge was 530 tons, her rating B1 1/2, and value $5000.

Weekly Wisconsin Milwaukee 1895-10-12


unknown member of the crew

Cove Island, ON (Lake Huron) Steamer AFRICA Wreck, Oct 1895

Richard F Brennan age 45 was aboard this ship and died.

His home was in Sarnia Ontario. He was married with three children

He is one of the unknown crew members