Sudbury, ON Tornado Destruction, Aug 1970

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Sudbury, Ont. (CP) -- Hundreds of the homeless sought shelter in schools, churches and private homes Thursday night after a freak storm which killed at least four persons, injured about 150 and caused millions of dollars in property damage in four communities.
The storm, packing torrential rain and winds of up to 90 miles an hour, smashed through the nearby mining communities of Lively and Copper Cliff, into the southern edge of Sudbury and on to the logging community of Field 45 miles to the east.
The storm had the effect of a hurricane, leaving buildings in ruins, uprooting trees and sections of concrete sidewalk, smashing windows and vehicles and cutting power and telephone lines.
"I was scared as hell," said David Stott, who works at a refinery in Copper Cliff. "I thought the building was blowing up and there had been a big explosion."
"We just stood in the middle of the house," said J. P. Stevens after freeing his 12-year-old son from debris torn from the roof of their garage in Lively. "That's all we could do. Glass was flying all around."
Initial reports after the 30-minute storm hit at about 8:30 a.m. had placed the death toll at 10, but this was later amended as communications improved.
Listed as dead by police and Red Cross officials Thursday night were:
PAUL REBACK, 67, a gardener with the Copper Cliff parks commission, struck by debris while working on a tractor in a park.
VINCENT HOWARD, 52, of Sudbury, pinned under a half-ton truck in which he was a passenger, when the vehicle was toppled by the wind on Highway 17.
MRS. CORDELLA QUENNEVILLE, 58, of Field, killed when the wind picked up her 35-foot house trailer, hurled it 200 feet against a deserted barn and pushed it 500 feet further on.
PASQUALE ROCCA, 57, of Toronto, an employee of Norco Construction, had been doing repairs at a house in Lively and took shelter in a garage when the storm hit. The wind hurled a camp trailer through the garage roof, pinning him to the floor.
The mayors of Sudbury and Lively described their communities as disaster areas and called on army trainees, miners, boy scouts and volunteers to aid police, firemen and members of the Emergency Measures Organization to aid in relief work.
Police and hospital spokesmen said about 50 persons had been admitted to hospitals in the Sudbury area. Another 100 had been treated and released.
The Red Cross estimated that about 350 persons had been left homeless in the Sudbury and Lively areas, where 86 houses were destroyed and more than 100 heavily damaged. Some of the Sudbury homes were in the $50,000 range.

Winnipeg Free Press Manitoba 1970-08-21


August 1970 Lively Toranado

Correction required : We the Sudbury 2nd Battalion Irish Regiment of Sudbury.As article stated we were Trainees,this is NO we were highly trained in various aspects of being in this Reserve Unit.
We were professional Soldiers,and all acted accordinly as professional soldiers during this time of August 1970 Toranado
that struck Sudbury ,Lively,Ontario and coppercliff ontario.

We got the calling and did what we needed to be done during this time.

Private Jerry Pihursky
2nd Irish Regiment
Reserve Unit and Mobile Command

August 1970 Lively Toranado

In reference to this 1970 Toranado that struck and caused destruction and mayhem in Lively Ontario and in Coppercliff,Ont.

I was with Army Reserves at this time in Sudbury,during this time.
In 1970.Was with 2nd Irish Regiment 2nd Battlion.We were with Mobile Command.
When we got the call,approxently at this time ,130 of us Reserve-
Soldiers were all Mobilized in Sudbury,Ontario in approx. 3hrs to 4-hrs - time.Soliders were contacted at work and at home,Under
Emergency status call.We all showed up at Sudbury Armourys
and debriefed and all headed out to providing neccessary help,aid and assistance to our local communitys of Lively,Ont and Coppercliff,|Ontario.
We rolled out in convoy in our Military Trucks.After where we were most need to lending our Military help,aid and assistance to all citizens effected and affected by the Toranado destruction.
Only the OPP were there,and us from the Military.Red Cross
personal.We as well set-up safe areas for residences and did
patrols,and yes we did apprehend some looters as well and they were charged.
Myself and all other Soldiers at this time serving,we were all proud to be serving our community and all its residents during this most difficult time where there was much destruction and some deaths.We served proudly our communities.

Private Jerry Pihursky