Ottawa, ON Bridge Collapse, Aug 1966

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Ottawa (CP) -- The body of an eighth man who died in Wednesday's collapse of a partly-built bridge was identified today and police said they are satisfied all the workmen have been found.
Seven bodies were recovered from the rubble earlier and had been identified by friends and relatives before recovery work was stopped by rain during the night.
At least 53 other bridge workers were injured, some critically.
A crew of 30 men continued today to clear away tons of construction debris as a steady rain turned earth to mud. But with identification of the eighth victim, the frantic search for victims tapered off.
Deputy Chief Leo Seguin of the Ottawa police department said "we are satisfied, with the knowledge at our disposal, that we have found them all."
Huge piles of twisted steel and wooden frames still covered the search area when rescue operations were suspended at 3:25 a.m., 12 hours after a section of the bridge dropped 60 feet into the Rideau River gorge.
The relentless probing into the rubble resumed at 8 a.m. and continued until police announced an eighth victim had been identified.
As the rescue effort was being suspended, Mayor Don Reid, who had been at the scene most of the night, met privately at City Hall with members of board of control safety inspection officials and Emergency Measures Organization
people, to discuss the tragedy.
Earlier, police and construction company officials had released names of eight men as dead.
But the name of ELMER IVALL, 28, of Angers, Que., was later removed from the list when the Ottawa Civic Hospital reported him officially as in fair condition with a fractured spine and eye injuries.
The accident came only four months after a building under construction in central Ottawa collapsed, killing one man and endangering the lives of 40 others.
Eighteen of the injured victims were reported in critical condition.
Showers of cutting torch sparks and the glare of the floodlights lit up the west bank of the Rideau River. Police tried to clear crowds still gathered on the slope of the gorge 10 hours after the accident.
The collapse came at 3:30 p.m. Wednesday as a 160-foot span of the new Heron Road bridge gave way, dropping hundreds of tons of half set concrete about 60 feet.
The new bridge is being built across the Rideau River and canal in one of the capital's most beautiful parkland areas, between the Carleton University campus and the Hog's Back falls. The site is four miles southwest of the Parliament Buildings.
The bridge -- actually twin bridges with the eastbound and westbound spans separate -- was started last fall and was to have been completed Oct. 1.

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