Fitzroy Township, ON Bear Attack, July 1847


On Thursday, the 24th instant, a young man named KEATING, belonging to the township of Fitzroy, was attacked by a large she bear, and mutilated in such a dreadful manner by the ferocious beast that it is reported he has since died of his wounds. It appears that the young man met with the bear in the woods, accompanied by her cubs; but we have not learned whether he interfered with the animal in any way or not. When chased by the savage beast he climbed a tree, into which the bear followed him, and inflicted dangerous wounds on the foot, thigh and abdomen, which latter was severely torn. At length, from loss of blood, he became faint and fell from the tree to the ground; when the bear also jumped down and walked away with her cubs without renewing the attack. Although it is not very common for the bear to attack men, yet we have known several instances of their having done so, before and after being fired at; when the parties, on such occasions, narrowly escaped with their lives.
Ottawa (Canada) Advocate.

The Sandusky Clarion Ohio 1847-08-10