Casselman, ON Fire, Jun 1891


Casselman on the Canada Atlantic Doomed to Destruction.

OTTAWA, Ont., June 16--The village of Casselman, thirty miles from Ottawa, on the Canada Atlantic railway, is likely to be entirely consumed by fire. Passengers by the Atlantic train from Montreal say the village, when they passed through it last night, was a mass of fire.

Immense piles of lumber measuring millions of feet, and large stacks of tan bark containing thousands of cords, and nearly every house and store in the village were on fire.

Women and children were rushing towards the woods in the most frantic manner, taking whatever they could.

Duluth News-Tribune, Duluth, MN 17 Jun 1891



Casselman, Ont., Doomed to Destruction

Stores and Residences Burned.

OTTAWA, Ont., June 17--The village of Casselman, about seven miles from here, on the line of the Canada Atlantic railroad, is on fire and likely to be entirely consumed. Immense piles of lumber, containing millions of feet, and huge stacks of tan bark are reported to be burning. The large planing mills, the sash and blind factory, the sawmills and a large number of stores and residences have been burned. A detachment of firemen has gone from here. The population of the village is about 1,000.

Bismarck Tribune, Bismarck, ND 18 Jun 1891


Fire in the village of Casselman, Ontario, yesterday, destroyed the sawmills of the Casselman Lumber Company, six houses, immense piles of lumber and the stables in connection with the mills. The losses are $40,000 on the mill, $70,000 on lumber, and $5,000 on horses and stables. The total loss is $115,000 and the total insurance $70,000, in the Caledonia, Phoenix, and Western Companies.

The New York Times, New York, NY 17 Jun 1891