Eagletown, OK tornado, Apr 1953

One Dead, 12 Hurt in Okla. Tornado

EAGLETOWN, Okla. (AP) - A small tornado ripped through the Negro section of Eagletown late last night, killing one person and injuring 12.

All the victims were of the same family. Clarence Lewis, father of 10, was killed. All of Lewis' children, his wife and his father were injured.

Four houses were demolished by the storm, which residents called a "small tornado." Six other small homes were damaged.

The Big Spring Daily Herald, Big Spring, TX 24 Apr 1953


Eagletown Oklahoma 1953 Tornado

Hi Tonie, just saw your response. I am Gary the son of Clarence Lewis Sr. who was the only one killed in the Tornado on April 23, 1953. There were 10 children and 3 adults in the home at the time the Tornado hit. We were all injured some more severe than others. My Mother Roxanna Lewis, was seven months pregnant at the time and had the longest stay in the hospital. Should you want to discuss the Tornado further please contact me at my Email:garyg31@yahoo.com. Thanks for your interest and response.

Gary Lewis Sr.

More about Eagletown

I would like to know more about Eagletown, Ok. I have been looking for story and came up to this one. I ask my Dad did he remember the Tornado? He told me "I remember people talking about it". My Dad was just 8 when the Tornado hit Eagletown.
I was born in De Queen but lived in Eagletown, Ok.
If you have more story about Eagletown I would like to hear them.
My Name is Tonie
My email is ttojms@gmail.com
Thank you for your time.

Tornado in Eagletown

This April 23, will mark the 57th year since the Tornado in Eagletown Oklahoma. We thank God we survive & only our father was killed, leaving our mother with eleven children. What a God we serve we made it!

The Eagletown Oklahoma tornado on april 23 1953

There were thirteen of us in the house when it was destroyed by this tornado. We were all taken to the hospital in DeQueen Arkansas, where our father passed do to his injuries. Our Mother was seven months pregnant @ the time of the tornado, it was dfinitely a miracle night as mother and my baby brother in the womb survived. We the children and grandfather were all severely injured but through the grace of God we survived. OUR MOTHER went on to raise the eleven of us by her self, and what a awesome & tremendous job she did. She was the greatest of mothers to us. Daddy was 43 years old when he died and mother was thirty-five. All of us children graduated from hiigh school and went on to college. We were truly blessed and are so thankful to God for seeing us and our mother through some veery difficult times.

The man killed in the Tornado In Eagletown

Hi, Reporter, just want to say it was my father Clarence Lewis that was killed in the Eagletown Tornado . Do you have any pictures in the archives of the tornado? I actually have a copy of the original newspaper article. I have always felt this was a miracle that he was the only one killed as our home was totally destroyed, & most of us were just young babies but through the grace of God we made it.