Ardmore, OK Gasoline Explosion, Sept 1915 - List of Dead

Revised List of Dead White Persons

A revised list of the twenty-five dead white persons follows:

AARON C. GOULD, poultry man, 44, married, of Palestine, Texas, found near Santa Fe tracks.
SAM STALLCUP, seven-year-old boy, Ardmore, found on Main Street.
CHARLES SMITH, ex-policeman, 35, married, Ardmore, found on railroad tracks.
E.J. COX, railroad engineer, employed by Santa Fe, 44, married, Ardmore, found in front of express office.
WILLIAM TAYLOR, teamster, 30, married, Ardmore, found in ruins of Rugby Dawson produce building on east side of tracks.
JOE GULLEY, farmer, 54, married, Ardmore, found near freight depot.
MATTIE ANDERSON, 30, found in wreck of Canton rooming house.
M.E. ADKINS, drayman, 54, married, Ardmore, killed on Washington Street, four blocks from explosion.
C.A. BARLOW, carpenter, 32, married, residence Texarkana, Texas, caught in Santa Fe freight depot collapse and fire, died at sanitarium.
REUBEN WARREN, chauffeur, 21, married, Ardmore, body found in Pennington grocery building ruins.
COLLIE JOHNNIE (Choctaw Indian), 19, Provence, Okla., found on Santa Fe tracks.
WILLIAM STALLCUP, laborer, 45,married, Ardmore, taken from ruins of Pennington building.
W.S. TWYFORD, cook, 45, unmarried, body found in Canton rooming house.
MRS. CORRIE DAVIDSON, clerk, 36, widow, Ardmore, killed in Ladd wholesale feed store.
HENRY SIMMS, Santa Fe flagman, 60, married, Ardmore, found on tracks.
RICHARD BARNES, (Choctaw Indian), 22, unmarried, Ardmore, burned in Santa Fe freight depot.
J.T. GILKEY, Santa Fe yard master, 38, married, Athens, Texas, burned in freight depot fire, and died in sanitarium.
J.R. WOOD, tank inspector of Ardmore Refining company, 39, married, Ardmore, first man killed in explosion while attempting to repair tank which exploded.
HENRY HILL, farmer, 37, married, Baum, Okla., body found in freight depot.
HENRY WILLINGHAM, farmer, 32, married, Marsden, Okla., found in freight depot.
Unidentified woman, red plaid waist, last seen billing household goods in freight depot, body removed from ruins.
Two unidentified men burned beyond recognition, taken from ruins of freight depot.
J.H. BISHOP, 35, Ardmore, body recovered from Pennington building late Tuesday evening.
POOLE A. WALL, traveling man of Haskell, Texas, identified through a postcard in his clothes and the initials in a ring, appeared to be abut fifty years old, and was found in ruins of the Pennington building.
OTTO M'CLUNG, 15, Ardmore, messenger boy.

Daily Tulsa World, Tulsa, OK 29 Sept 1915