Bokoshe, OK Tornado, Apr 1927

Man, Wife and Their Infant Die in Tornado

Bodies Found in Field After Storm Strikes Farmhouse.

Another May Die

Daughter Escapes, Says Family Was Blown 200 Yards.

Muskogee, Ok., April 18 (AP). - Carl BURCHANM, 38 years old, a farmer, his wife and an infant son, 3 years old, were killed and another son, W. C. BURCHAM, 12 years old, was injured critically when their home, one mile north of Bokoshe, Le Flore County, was struck by a tornado late Sunday night. The injured son was taken to a Fort Smith (Ark.) hospital. Where examinations revealed that the skull was crushed. He may die, attending surgeons said.

The bodies of the man, woman and child were found in a field several hundred yards from the house.

The storm, coming from the southwest struck during a driving rain, Bokoshe citizens reported Monday. Shortly after the storm struck a 12-year-old daughter of Mr. and Mrs. BURCHAM, slightly hurt, struggled through the debris and rain to the home of a neighbor and told of the razing of the BURCHAM home. A searching party, on arriving at the site, found Mrs. BURCHAM's body in a field about 200 yards from where the home had stood; the body of the 3-year-old child was found 100 yards father away, and the father's body was found nearly a quarter of a mile from where the wreck of his home was.

The storm, "traveling high," after striking the BURCHAM home raised only to sweep downward again and strike the home of Jesse WOODS. Mrs. WOODS was slightly hurt. There was a high wind for an hour or more after the two homes were struck, but no other persons were hurt in that section so far as could be ascertained.

BURCHAM's daughter said that the first any of the family knew of the impending storm was when Mrs. BURSHAM aroused the members of the family and warned them. The next the child knew, she said was when she regained consciousness in a field nearly 200 yards away from the house.

Dallas Morning News, Dallas, TX 19 Apr 1927