Miami, OK Slab of Rock Fell in Mine, Jan 1926

3 Miners Die, Rescuers Hurt as Rock Falls

300 Hundred Ton Slab Breaks Loose From Roof, Crushing Workmen in Shaft.

By Associated Press.
Miami, Oklahoma, Jan. 30.-Three miners were killed, three rescue workers slightly injured and three other workers were entombed for an hour Saturday morning when a huge slab of rock fell from the rift of a drift in which the miners were working at the Velle-Lion Zine and Lead mine at Gardin, Okla.

Allen W. Blunk, 46, Emmett Church, 22 and Everett McClain, 21, all of Commerce, Okla., were instantly killed under the 300 ton slab. The position of their bodies indicated that they were fleeing toward the main shaft when the rock fell.

Grover Todd, Picher, Okla., undertaker; J.B. Stringer of Carterville, Mo., ground foreman, and W.S. Bowers, Commerce miner, were slightly injured by a second fall of rock when they entered the mine to recover the bodies.

The fall of the enormous slab blocked the entrance to another drift in which three other miners were working. They were released uninjured after an hour of digging.

Advocate, Baton Rouge, LA 31 Jan 1926