Hammon, OK Tornado, June 1967


Hammon, Okla. (AP) -- A woman and three children were killed and a man was injured Saturday night when a tornado struck a farm home near this western Oklahoma town.
MRS. LEONARD TAYLOR, whose home was destroyed, said the dead were the wife and three children of GRACIANO SYLVIA, who worked on the TAYLOR farm four miles east of here.
The highway patrol stopped the TAYLORS as they drove from Elk City toward their home after hearing about the tornado, MRS. TAYLOR said.
"The highway patrol said everything was gone," MRS. TAYLOR said.
She said they did not continue to the scene, but returned to Elk City Memorial Hospital to check on a hired man who also was injured, when the highway patrol told them of the four deaths.
Names and ages of the children were not immediately known.
Other tornadoes were reported in the area.
The tornado struck about 6:30 p.m., the patrol reported.
Texas weather stayed calm over most of the state late Saturday despite a tornado watch for a wide area until 10 p.m.
Gusty winds raked the watch area and there was some cloudiness, but at 8 p.m., the worst weather reported was a cloud bank southwest of Abilene.

Big Spring Daily Herald Texas 1967-06-11