Perkins, OK Slipped on Hillside, Nov 1927

Leg Broken, Crawls Half Mile for Aid

Special to The News.

GUTHRIE, Ok., Nov. 6.---C. S. French, an oil field scout and geologist, was brought to a local hospital Sunday in a serious condition, having been picked up almost unconscious on the State highway near Perkins. He had crawled with a broken leg half a mile thought mud and wet grass and lay unconscious in the rain several hours.

While exploring a rocky ledge on a steep hillside, French was startled by a snake which struck at his foot. In jumping back he slipped and broke his leg below the knee, the fracture being so severe that the bone edges cut the flesh and caused extensive bleeding. He called for help, but no one was near enough to hear. Suffering intensely, he crawled to the road, where he was picked up five hours later.

Dallas Morning News, Dallas, TX 7 Nov 1927