Mason, OH Train Plunges Down Embankment, Mar 1883





Cincinnati, March, 30. -- A land slide near Mason, on the Cincinnati Southern Railroad, this morning, threw the north bound passenger train from the track. Sixty persons are reported injured, but none killed. A train has gone to bring in the wounded. The injured are just arriving from the scene of the wreck. They say that the train was going forty miles an hour on a sharp curve when the whole train left the track and rolled down an embankment fifty feet. Two sleeping cars were completely wrecked and the passengers extricated with difficulty. The total number injured is fifty-three, several of whom are seriously hurt. The only names yet obtained are MAJOR McDOWELL, Xenia, O., seriously, and J. P. SPAULDING, Port Clinton, O., slightly. The whole train did not leave the track. The cause of the accident was a broken rail. The engineer, MICHAEL, discovered it, and instantly applied the brakes and reversed it. This threw Conductor WOOD, who was in the smoking car, forward and gave him slight bruises. The engine and baggage car remained on the track. The smoking car was partly thrown off. The ladies car entirely left the track and stood almost at right angles with the road, the lower end down the embankment. This car was subsequently burned. Two sleeping cars rolled down the embankment and were badly wrecked. Very few passengers escaped without some injure, though most of the injuries are not serious. MR. N. J. BROWN, who was on the train, furnishes the following list of wounded:
C. HEALY and wife, excursion agent of the Bee Line, London, Ohio, both bruised, not seriously.
WM. ORR, THOMAS ORR, ALF. HARRIS, Harmony, Ind., slightly cut on the face and hands.
J. C. ROBERTS, Cherry Lane, N. C., badly hurt internally, both legs broken.
J. TRAGIN, Cincinnati, hands cut, back bruised.
JAMES SPAULDING, Port Clinton, Ohio, badly bruised.
JEFF FOLGER, (colored), Montgomery, Ala., cut on the side and bruised in the face and arms.
S. ALSPAUGH, Cincinnati, hurt in the leg.
J. E. MASON, Brazil, Ind., cut in the face and hands.
J. C. BARGIS, Richmond, Ind., cut in the face and hands.
CAPT. A. M. McDOWELL, Xenia, O., cut on the head and shoulders.
JAMES KILLON, Sparta, N. C., slightly cut.
JAMES EDWARDS, Sparta, N. C., slightly cut.
J. A. SHARP, Harmony, Ind., scratched on the head.
MR. and MRS. F. C. WALSH, head and breast crushed.
MRS. WALSH, internally injured.
MRS. M. CASTELLO, Whitely County, KY., cut in the head and back, not seriously.
J. H. CARRICK, Pratt, Mo., head crushed and badly hurt.
S. IDDINGS, Lafayette, Ind., bruised face, head and arms.
SAM. LYNCH, Brazil, Ind., painfully hurt about the face and head.
D. E. MURRY, Athens, Ga., a leg broken.
J. C. MARTIN, Chicago, scratched slightly.
THOMAS ALLEN, Augusta, Ky., leg and shoulder broken, his wife not hurt.
J. W. LEAVER, Boston, Mass., wife and sons, bruised, not seriously.
MRS. E. BELLAMY, Macon, Ga., scratched and bruised.
J. G. CATHER, St. Louis, face bruised and cut, not serious.
JAMES TUPE, scratched and bruised.
COL. A. BARITZ, wife and children, one child badly hurt, the others slightly.
MRS. BARITZ, cut in the head.
MRS. M. E. PLATT, Cleveland, O., hurt on head and back.
MRS. L. H. THOMPSON and mother, Saratoga, N. Y., MRS. THOMPSON prostrated from the shock, her mother not seriously hurt.
MRS. E. LOVELACE, Watanga, Tenn., and three children, one of the children cut and bruised in the face, the other two cut and bruised.
MRS. LOVELACE bruised in the breast.
MARSHAL CASERLY, Ulby, Mich., slightly cut in the face and hands and side bruised.
JUDGE J. H. MILLET, Newcastle, Ind., badly cut, bruised in the face, and wife slightly scratched.
MRS. D. EVANS and two children, all bruised, but not seriously.
DAN HALLON, St. Paris, O., bruised on the head and back.
The most severely injured were taken to Williamstown, Ky., and others were brought here and placed in the Good Samaritan Hospital and hotels.
Superintendent CARROL returned tonight from the wreck, bringing all the wounded from Williamstown except MR. and MRS. WELSH. He says the accident was due not to a broken rail, but to slipping of the track, caused by heavy rain last night. There had been a fill at this point a short time ago, which the rain softened. The rails were stripped from the ties a distance of forty feet. It could not be definitely ascertained where MR. and MRS. WALSH live. They were newly married and are supposed to have been to Florida and returning to Cleveland. MRS. WALSH could only speak incoherently. Both are supposed to be fatally injured. The others supposed to be fatally hurt are:
THOMAS ALLEN, Augusta, N. Y.
MRS. E. LOVELL and three children, Watauga, Tenn.
Judge J. H. MILLET, Newecastle, Ind.
MRS. J. W. ZEEVET, Boston.
J. E. MASON, Brazil, Ind.
J. H. CARRICK, Pratt, Mo.

Winnipeg Free Press Manitoba 1883-03-31