Caldwell, OH Dirigible SHENANDOAH Crashes, Sep 1925

Wreckage of the Shenandoah View of Wreckage Another view of the Wreck The Downed Airship Memorial at the Site of the Crash Ava OHIO Shenandoah wreckage 9-3-1925.jpg

Washington, Sept. 3. (AP) -- It was the fear of just such a storm as overcame the Shenandoah which led the navy department to refuse to send the dirigible into mid-continent during July or August. For that reason the trip was deferred until this month, when it was thought danger of heavy wind and electrical storms had passed.
Along with the Shenandoah the navy has lost a precious supply of helium.
The Los Angeles has been tied up while the Shenandoah engaged in maneuvers with units of the fleet off the Atlantic coast and the western flight because insufficient helium was available to inflate both ships simultaneously. The loss of helium in today's disaster is expected to mean that the Los Angeles will continue idle for some time.
Recently proposals have been put forward tentatively looking to the leasing of the Los Angeles by private business concerns in this country for commercial operation and President COOLIDGE has indicated sympathy with that idea. Whether the wreck of the Shenandoah will have any effect on the Los Angeles remains to be determined.

Cumberland, Ohio, Sept. 3. -- (AP) -- Reports here were that the Shenandoah crashed six miles east of here. Two are killed and seven injured. The survivors are lodged in a farm house.
A severe wind and electric storm raged in this vicinity last night.

Washington, Sept. 3. -- (AP) -- A list of those rescued from the Shenandoah disaster and described as unharmed or having no serious injuries, was received at the navy department today. It was as follows:
Lieut. Commander CHARLES S. ROSENDAHL, Cleburne, Texas.
Lieut. ROLAND G. MAYER, Seattle, Wash.
Lieut. J. B. ANDERSON, Hyattsville, Md.
Chief Machinist SHINE S. HALLIBURTON, Macon, Ga.
Lieut. T. C. HENDLY, Columbia, Tenn.
Lieut. C. E. BAUCH, Dorchester, Mass.
Chief Gunner RAYMOND COLE, Lima, Ohio.
Enlisted Men:
LOUIS E. ALLELY, Logan, Ohio.
HENRY L. BOSWELL, Bagdad, Fla.
ARTHUR E. CARLSON, Moscow, Idaho.
JAMES H. COLLIER, Lakewood, N. J.
JOHN J. HAHN , Philadelphia.
BENJAMIN O. HERETH, Clatonia, Neb.
WALTER JOHNSON, Minneapolis.
RALPH JONES, Los Angeles.
JULIUS E. MALAK, Hooversville, Pa.
FRANK L. PECKHAM, Frontstone, Md.
CHARLES SOLAR, Indianapolis.
FREDERICK J. TOBIN, Arlington, Mass.
LESTER KNOX COLEMAN, aviation chief machinist's mate, Fort Worth, Texas.
MARK JONES DONOVAN, chief boatswain's mate, Philadelphia.
W. W. RICHARDSON, chief navy photographer, Washington, D. C.

Lowell Man Among Dead.
Washington, Sept. 3 (AP) -- The cruiser Shenandoah's senior surviving officer reported to the navy department today that 13 were killed, two injured and one remained unaccounted for in the wreck. Forty-three men were on board.
The message was from Lieutenant Commander CHARLES E. ROSENDAHL, navigator. He said Lieutenant Commander ZACHARY LANSDOWNE, the commanding officer, whose home was in Greenville, Ohio, and the second in command, Lieutenant Commander LOUIS HANCOCK, executive officer, of Austin, Texas, were among the killed.
The other dead named in the dispatch included Lieutenant J. B. LAWRENCE, senior watch officer of St. Paul, Minn., and Lieutenant A. R. HOUGHTON, watch officer, of Allston, Mass.
Lieutenant (J. G.) E. W. SHEPPARD of Washington, D. C., is unaccounted for.
Enlisted men listed as killed were:
EVERETTE P. ALLEN, aviation chief rigger, Omaha, Neb.
CHARLES BROOM, aviation chief machinist mate, Tom's River, N. J.
JAMES W. CULLINAN, aviation pilot, of Binghamton, N. Y.
RALPH L. JOFFRAY, aviation rigger, St. Louis.
CELESTINO L. MAZZUCO, aviation machinist mate, Savannah, Ga.
BARTHOLOMEW O'SULLIVAN, aviation machinist mate, Lowell, Mass.
GEORGE O. SCHNITZER, shief radio man, Tuckerton, N. J.
WILLIAM H. SPRATLEY, aviation machinist mate, first class, St. Louis, Mo.
The injured are:
Chief Gunner RAYMOND COLE, radio officer of Lima, Ohio.
JOHN F. McCARTHY, aviation chief rigger, of Boston.

The Lowell Sun Massachusetts 1925-09-03