Tiffin, OH Disastrous City Fire, Apr 1872

Tiffin Ohio circa 1900's


TIffin, Ohio, April 13th -- A fire broke out in M. O'NEAL'S store, in the western part of the town this morning, and the building, which was a large two-story frame, was soon in flames. A heavy gale, blowing from the southwest gave rise to serious apprehensions for the safety of the entire city. The wind carried the burning brands to a great distance, and within thirty minutes houses at least a half a mile away from where the fire originated were in flames. The progress of the fire was so rapid that it was difficult to remove furniture or other effects from its path, and within two hours devastation was complete. Over sixty buildings were totally destroyed, including houses, barns, stores, saloons, a stove factory and a portion of the railroad building. The main portion of the city was untouched. The loss was large, but it is as yet impossible to ascertain the amount -- no lives were lost.

Daily Democrat Sedalia Missouri 1872-04-14