Proctorville, OH Fire Destroys City Hall, Apr 1927


Ironton, Ohio, April 6. -- (Special to Times). -- Fire, which broke out about 3:30 this morning, completely destroyed the city hall at Proctorville, Lawrence County, and a pool room owned by C. L. EDWARDS and operated by DEWEY EDWARDS. The general store belonging to S. L. LEULEY was saved by volunteer firemen, after most of the stock had been carried out and damaged.
The situation was complicated by the fact that the bell that rings for fires was mounted on tht top of the city hall and is rung by a rope which hangs over the outside. The fire burned the rope off, and so the villagers were alarmed by the town crier method.
The second floor of the city hall was occupied by a religious sect that lost 40 chairs and an organ. The total loss will reach about $10,000, it is estimated. The village has insurance on the hall amounting to $3,000, but at present there are no funds for rebuilding.

Portsmouth Daily Times Ohio 1927-04-06


Funny -- My Family

Funny about the rope to the fire bell burning. It's like a cartoon.
C. L. Edwards was my great-grandfather, and Dewey my great-uncle. You can choose your friends...