Truro, OH Train Wreck, May 1907


An Open Switch an Express on the Ohio Central is Wrecked Near Columbus


Man Walking Along the Track Killed. Engineer Mike Martin and Fireman Dan Martin and an Unknown Woman Fatally Injured – A Coach of Red Men Shaken Up and Some of Them Slightly Injured.

Columbus, May 13. – Dashing through an open switch at Truro station, twelve miles southeast of Columbus today, the West Virginia express on the Ohio Central road was derailed and one man, who was walking along the side of the track, was killed and a number of trainmen were more or less injured. Most of the passengers escaped with a few bruises. Mike Martin, the engineer, who was pinned under his engine, will die as will also Dan Martin, the fireman, and an unknown woman. A special coach holding members of the Red Men going to Marietta was not derailed but a number of the members of the order were slightly injured. The injured are from Columbus. The dead:

JOHN DAVIS, Truro Station, O.

Fatally injured:

Engineer Mike Martin, legs and arms horribly scalded, internal injuries.

Dan Martin, fireman, arm broken and serious internal injuries.

Mrs. Chris Harris, Piqua, O., skull crushed.

Conductor W. A. Miller’s back and feet were scalded. He rushed through escaping steam and pulled the dying engineer from under the engine. The whole train derailed except the Red Men’s car. Two coaches and the baggage car were smashed to pieces

Mail Clerk W. W. Meyer, of Toledo, suffered a broken ankle and Edgar Keyes also of Toledo, a badly wrenched knee.

Mansfield News, Mansfield, OH 13 May 1907


Fatal Railway Wreck.

Columbus, O., May 14. – The West Virginia express on the Ohio Central jumped the track at Truro Station, 12 miles southeast of Columbus, while running at a high rate of speed. Engineer MIKE MARTIN and JOHN DAVIDSON, a bystander, both of this city, were killed. The train ran into an open switch and was badly wrecked. A dozen persons sustained severe injuries. The injured were brought to this city for treatment.

Coshocton Daily Age, Coshocton, OH 13 May 1907


Redmen’s Train Wrecked.

Columbus, May 12 – JOHN DAVIDSON, of this city, who was walking along the tracks near Truro, east of Columbus, was killed when passenger train No. 2 jumped the track Monday. Engineer Martin was terribly scalded and may die. Fireman Martin and two mail clerks were less seriously injured. One hundred Redmen, en route to the grand council meeting at Marietta escaped uninjured.

The Newark Advocate, Newark, OH 13 May 1907