Cleveland, OH Elevator Plunges, Nov 1885


Cleveland, Nov. 6. -- An accident which will probably result fatally took place yesterday afternoon at THEODORE KUNTDZ'S sewing machine cabinet works on Centre street. KUNTDZ and JOHN FESSINGER, the elevator man, ascended toward the fourth floor in the elevator, and when the car was about half way between the third and fourth floors the cable snapped. The car fell to the bottom with a crash. KUNTDZ and FESSINGER attempted to save themselves by clutching at the edges of the other floors, but their efforts were unsuccessful, and both men fell upon the broken elevator. Both were terrible injured. KUNTDZ had both legs broken, and was badly cut about the head and upper part of the body. FESSINGER was injured internally. There is a very small hope that either of them will recover. KUNTDZ was taken to his home on Ridge road, and FESSINGER was taken to his father's house on Columbus street. The manager of the works stated that while the car was ascending, the cable, which passes through a box in the wall, became wound around the shaft, cutting the rope near the drum. Although there was no load upon the elevator this prevented the dogs from catching, and the car fell. The Elevator Inspector examined the wreck and decided that no blame could be attached to the proprietor for the accident.

The New York Times New York 1885-11-07