East Liverpool, OH Trolley Car Crashes On Hill, July 1895



East Liverpool, Ohio, July 8. -- At 3 o'clock this afternoon a trolley car with thirty passengers on board became unmanageable, and slid down the Frannklin Avenue hill, on the north side of the city, killing JAMES HAMILTON, the motorman, and injuring sixteen persons.
The injured are:
ANDERSON, FRANK, Rochester, Penn., head and face cut.
ANDERSON, MRS. FRANK, Rochester, Penn., arm and rib broken.
ANDERSON, MRS. LUELLA, face and head badly cut.
ASHBAUGH, CHARLES, Bridgeport, Ohio, severe scalp wounds.
COBURN, MOODY, almost completely scalped, leg and two ribs broken; almost drowned before being rescued.
GRAEEN, FRANK, chest crushed; probably will die.
MANOR, JOHN, cuts on head and face.
MANOR SAMUEL, head and face badly cut.
MANOR, MRS. SAMUEL, serious internal injuries.
McDOLE, MISS ELLA, head and face cut.
McDOLE, MISS MAGGIE, Toronto, Ohio, rib broken.
NESSLEY, MISS FRANCES, New Cumberland, West Va., leg crushed and two ribs broken.
NICELY, MISS MILLIE, Wadsworth, Ohio, cut in head and shoulder dislocated.
RICHARDSON, MRS. CHARLES, Wellsville, badly cut about arms and shoulders.
SPENCE, CHARLES, Salineville, rib broken.
SALES, C. F., cut about face and head.
This was the fist day of duty of JAMES HAMILTON, the motorman. The tracks were slippery after the rain, and the car got out of his control. At the foot of the hill it jumped the track on a sharp curve, and went over a twenty foot embankment into a creek.
One-half the card was almost buried in the sand. The car broke in two, and several passengers fell through the floor and were plunged headlong into the creek.
HAMILTON was instantly killed, his head being crushed.

The New York Times New York 1895-07-09