Van Wert, OH Tornado, Mar 1920

Some Further Details.
(By United Press.)

Toledo, O., March 29. - Three persons are dead at Raabs Corners and two at Genoa, according to reports early today, following last night's tornado which swept through northwestern Ohio.

Thirty-five were reported injured at Raabs Corners, where many buildings, including the Catholic church, were demolished. Forty persons were injured at Genoa. Ten were injured at Richfield.

One branch of the storm swept northward along the line between Ohio and Indiana, spreading death and destruction in its path. Many towns were reported destroyed and communication cut off.

Early reports indicate two dead and at least a score seriously injured at Van Wert.
The home of George Rader, a farmer near Van Wert, was burned. BOB RADER and his wife were caught in the wreckage which took fire from an overturned stove. RADER was burned to a crisp. His wife died in a hospital.

The storm passed about four miles east of Van Wert in a southeast to northwest direction. It swept a clean path about one and one-half miles wide, demolishing everything in its way.

The Fort Wayne News and Sentinel, Fort Wayne IN 29 Mar 1920