Three Persons on Way to Kent College Lose Lives As Well as Bandit Fleeing From Robbery

Alliance, Oh. Sept 11 - Two gunmen Monday secretly planned to hold up the England drug store here. They carried their plans out last night and authorities counted the cost as follows: Three innocent persons dead. One of the bandits dead. The second bandit suffering from broken legs.
The robbers fled from the drug store in a stolen auto and drove NW at high speed. At an intersection ten miles away they crashed into another car. All its occupants are killed and both bandits were critically injured, one of them fatally.
The dead Eugene Quilter, Jane Ann Quilter, 18, and Eugenia Nimereala, 18, all of Louisville and all en rote to enroll in Kent State College.
One of the bandits, unidentified , died in Alliance Hospital of his injuries. The other, identified as a Ward Cobadash, suffered broken legs.
The holdup car was stolen in Akron. The robbers herded customers and employees of the drug store into its basement and took $75 from a cash drawer.
Richard Chester, in the drug store, fired twice at the robbers before his gun jammed. Ward Roberlin, an employee, escaped from the basement and notified police.
Officers left Alliance behind the bandits, head lamps of the racing automobiles darting two crazy forks of light over the rural highways.
Then the car of the students appeared in the path of the robbers' car. The two machines were flattened and shattered in a terrific collision.
Bodies of the victims were hurled around the scene. The students were dead when the police car reached the scene. The bandits were moaning, one of them barely alive, the body of the other broken and bruised.
Chronicle Telegram Elyria Ohio 11 Sept 1934

Newark Advocate, Newark Ohio 11 Sept 1934
All three of the persons in the other car were to have enrolled at Kent State College today. They were en route to Kent at the time of the accident, as the gals had been working all summer to obtain their tuition.