Cambridge, OH Train Wreck, Jul 1913


Eighteen Others Hurt at Cambridge, Ohio----

CAMBRIDGE, Ohio, July 13.---Four persons were killed and a score of others were hurt to-night when a Baltimore & Ohio passenger train, the Wheeling-Chicago express crashed into an interurban street car at a crossing in East Cambridge.

The dead are:

RAINEY, FRED, 26, of Cambridge, Ohio. FAIRCHILD, DORA, 32, Cambridge. CARTER, WILLIAM, of Middletown, Ohio. McNEALE, ______, Columbus, Ohio.

Sheldon SPILES of Byesville, Ohio, is fatally injured.

The accident was indirectly caused by a terrific storm. The conductor of the street car is said to have seen the headlight of the oncoming passenger train, but thought it was a lightning flash. The impact came just as the street car reached the middle of the crossing, and none of the thirty persons on the traction car had a chance to escape.

The New York Times, New York, NY 14 Jul 1913