Cincinnati, OH Burnett House Billiard Room Fire, May 1899


Fire Causes a Scare, But Flames Easily Controlled.

CINCINNATI, May 29.---Early this evening an electric light wire got crossed in the billiard room of the Burnett house. A guest noticed the flash, but as nothing more was seen the matter was dropped. At 12:30 tonight smoke was seen to issue from the ceiling from the billard[sic] room. A silent alarm was sent to the fire department. When the engines came and the situation was examined a ten blow was sent in promptly. Meantime all the guests have been awakened and brought down stairs. This was done without a panic or excitement. The only excitement was among the servant girls, twenty-five of whom clambered down the fire escape excitedly, when the exit was easy for them through the halls and stairways. The fire is confined to the extreme northwestern corner of the building, where it smouldered[sic] its way up through the roof. At 1:30 it is completely under control. The damage by fire and water will be confined to the portion mentioned and will not be above $8,000 or $10,000. The eastern and southern part of the building, comprising four-fifths of its space, will not be affected.

The Nebraska State Journal, Lincoln, NE 30 May 1899