Toledo, OH Airliner Crashes Carrying Football Team, Oct 1960


Toledo, Ohio -- UPI -- A chartered airliner carrying the California Polytechnic College football team en route home to San Luis Obispo, Calif., crashed as it lifted from the runway here last night. An undetermined number of persons, probably 22, were killed.
There were 26 known survivors from the plane whose flight plan filed 30 minutes before takeoff listed 43 persons in the college traveling party and five crew members.
The official party included 44 persons and three crew members when it flew here Thursday, but there was a possibility two women joined the plane here for the return trip.
Four hours after the plane crashed in the dense fog which covered the airport, the coroner's staff still was searching the wreckage for bodies and trying to identify those taken to a morgue set up inside a hangar.
Among the football players known dead were WAYNE ROGER SORENSON of Los Angeles and JIM LEDBETTER.
Head Coach LEROY HUGHES, was pulled from the wreckage by Assictant Coach WALTER WILLIAMSON who said the plane seemed to rise about 100 feet off the runway when it began to veer off and the left wing hit the ground. He said the plane caught fire but did not burn.
The airport control tower said the decision to take off in the fog was made by the pilot. Fog was so dense on the road it slowed ambulances and rescue workers trying to get to the airport 20 miles southwest of the city.
Editor Survives.
Sports Editor JOHN NETTLESHIP of the San Luis Obispo Telegram-Tribune survived the crash. His newspaper said it had learned the survivors were Coach HUGHES, team physician DR. ARTHUR JAMES, Arroyo, Calif., Assistant Coach HOWARD (HOWIE) O'DANIELS, SHELDON HARDEN, WALTER WILLIAMSON, and the following players:
BILLY ROSS, 25, Bakersfield; RUSSELL WOODS, 21, Gridley; GIL STORK, 19, San Luis Obispo; DAN ADAMS, 25, Modesto; JOHN BRENNAN, 19, Glendale; AL MARIANI, 20, Huntington Park; ROY SCIALABBA, 20, San Bernardino; FRED BROWN, 20, Albany; ROGER KELLY, 21, Bakersfield; BILL DAUPHIN, 19, Shafter; TED TOLLNER, 21, Palo Alto; DICK McBRIDE, 19, Redondo Beach; BRENT JOBE, 19, Escondido; CARL BOWSER, 23, Bakersfield; BOB JOHNSON, 23, of Detroit, Mich.; and JERRY WILLIAMS of Santa Monica.
Mercy Hospital said NETTLESHIP is in critical condition with chest injuries and a fractured arm.
California sources said the plane, chartered from the Arctic Pacific Airlines, carried 44 passengers and a crew of three when it left Santa Maria, Calif., for Toledo Thursday.
The possibility of additional passengers aboard was raised by DALE HERBERT, an assistant basketball coach at Bowling Green State University, who accompanied the visiting team to the airport. He said two women at the airport told him they intended to fly on to the coast with the team.
The plane, after bringing the California team here Thursday, went on to Youngstown, Ohio, where it picked up the Youngstown University team and flew it to Connecticut for a football game. It returned the Youngstown team to Youngstown last evening and came on here to take the California team home. HERBERT said the two women indicated they had boarded the plane in Connecticut.
Breaks In Half.
A spokesman at the airport control tower said the plane broke in half, that the front end was mangled and the tail section was not damaged.