Akron, OH Goodyear Tire & Rubber Explosion, Apr 1928

Explosion at Akron Fatal to 4 Boys

Three Brothers Fatally Hurt When Steel Drum of Benzine Explodes

Akron, O., April 30- Four boys, three of them brothers, were killed and a fifth was seriously injured when a steel drum of benzine exploded in a shed at the rear of the Goodyear Tire & Rubber company plant here Sunday.

Those killed were CHARLES CARTER, 14; ALBERT CARTER, 10; LEEMAN CARTER, 5; and FREDERICK WADTLY, JR., 13. LESLIE BUSH, 14, was badly burned, although physicians believe he will recover.

The drum exploded when one of the boys struck a match. Fumes apparently were seeping from the container and as the match ignited there was a terrific explosion. The five boys were deluged with blazing benzine.

One of the lads was killed instantly. Screams of the others brought nearby residents to the scene. They wrapped the boys in blankets and rushed them to hospitals where they died, one by one.

ALBERT CARTER was said to have struck the match.

LEEMAN CARTER staggered to a point across the street from the blast where he collapsed. His brothers managed to crawl some distance before they too collapsed, unconscious.

The WADTLY boy was killed by a piece of flying steel.

The shed had been used as a storage house for fire hose.

Chronicle Telegram, Elyria, OH 30 Apr 1928