Chillicothe, OH Flood, Mar 1907

Heavy Loses

CHILLICOTHE, O., March 16. The flood is receding steadily in this city and county. The danger is practically over except to railroads. Adequate relief is being afforded families in the submerged district. The Baltimore & Ohio Southwestern will be unable to run through trains for probably two weeks. The Norfolk & Western cannot run south for at least ten days. The Cincinnati, Hamilton, & Dayton will be in trouble for ten days or two weeks. The estimated loss to railroads in this county is over $1,000,000. The loss to the county will be over $40,000.

Fort Wayne News, Fort Wayne, IN 16 Mar 1907


Telephones Burned Out

CHILLICOTHE, O., March 14. The terrific thunderstorm set every little stream in the county on a rampage and caused on of the worst floods in the history of the community. Hundreds of telephones were burnt out by the lightning, and great damage was done to electric light wires.

The Newark Advocate, Newark, OH 14 Mar 1907


Into the River

CHILLICOTHE, O., March 16, A pile driver and engine on the Baltimore & Ohio Southwestern railroad went through a levee here into the Scioto river. Seven men were on the pile drive and three on the engine. Eight of these were rescued. Brakeman John Long of Olney, Ill., and Thomas Wheeler of this place were drowned. The bodies have not been recovered.

The Newark Advocate, Newark, OH 16 Mar 1907