Cincinnati, OH Square Fire, Aug 1872

Destructive Fire.

CINCINNITI, August 8, A fire occurred this afternoon in the square bounded by Water, Race and Elm streets and the river bank. The buildings were mostly were sheds, used as stables, blacksmith shops and the like. The square was burned out, except a few brick buildings on it, which were only partially burned. The loss was about $40,000---very little insurance. The buildings chiefly belonged to the Wiggans' estate. The chief losers are Geo. W. C. Johnson, coal dealer. The loss of stable, coal, lime, cement and grain was $9,000; insured for $1,800 in the Citizens and Farmers. H. P. Straub, manufacturer of wind-mills, $20,000; insurance $1,000 in Commercial, of Cincinnati. The losses on brick buildings is about $5,000. Other losses were on small sheds; scarcely any insurance.

Titusville Morning Herald, Titusville, PA 9 Aug 1872