Columbus, OH Car Plunges Into Lake, Jan 1967


Columbus (UPI) - Divers were to descend into the icy water of Hoover Reservoir again today in search for the last two victims of a car crash which claimed nine lives.
On Sunday the seventh body was pulled from the water, that of STEVEN FRANKLIN RUTHERFORD, 12. Six bodies were recovered Saturday when the car which became their tomb was pulled from the reservoir.
Still missing today were the bodies of Steven's sisters, BERTIE MARIE, 15, and MARY JANE, 4.
Found in the car were the bodies of his mother, MRS. MARY HELEN RUTHERFORD, 41, of Delaware County; sister DELORES ANN, 18; and two sets of twin sisters, KAREN SUE and SHARON LOU, 19-months and LISA ANN and TERESA LYNN RUTHERFORD, 9 months. The twins were nieces of MRS. RUTHERFORD.
The nine had been in the car bound for a shopping trip last Tuesday morning at about 8:30 a.m. when the car, a converted state highway patrol cruiser, careened off the snow-slicked road, crashed through a guard rail, and plunged into the 40-foot deep water.

Undiscovered Four Days.
From that time until Saturday the death car with its victims lay undisturbed at the bottom of the reservoir while authorities hunted for the nine victims, who had been reported missing.
The smashed guard rail was discovered Wednesday and repaired but it was not until Friday afternoon a river patrol superintendent found the car's splintered windshield on rocks near the reservoir and the disappearance of the nine victims was connected with the broken rail.
Saturday the car was pulled from the water with six bodies still inside. Authorities said the other three probably floated out through the smashed windshield. All the other windows were closed.
Only a five-minute drive from the accident scene Charles Rutherford, husband of Mrs. Rutherford and father of four of the children remained in seclusion today, under a doctor's care.
The two sets of twins were children of Rutherford's brother Leonard of Charleston, W. Va. Papers giving the Rutherford family custody of the girls were found in the death car.

The Daily Times New Philadelphia Ohio 1967-01-09