Columbus, OH Train And Wagon Crash, July 1899



At Columbus, Ohio, six members of a family of seven were killed at the Woodward Avenue crossing of the Big Four Railroad. The seventh lies in a critical condition at one of the city hospitals. MR. and MRS. REINHARD and their five sons had gone out for a drive in a one-horse surrey. They went first to the home of Mrs. Jacob Hoffman, near the State Fair grounds, whose husband had been killed only last Friday in a local railway yard. After a short time spent there the REINHARD family started to go to the home of a sister of MR. REINHARD. Their road lay across the tracks of the Big Four Railway, which runs along the west side of the State Fair grounds. A high board fence around the fair grounds shuts off the view of all trains approaching from the north.
Several eye witnesses to the accident say the surrey was driven upon the tracks without any of the occupants noticing the train, which struck the vehicle just as it rested squarely on the tracks. The surrey was knocked into a thousand pieces and the occupants hurled into the air. MR. and MRS. REINHARD and their sons, ARTHUR and KARL, were killed instantly. The other boys, WILLIAM, EDWARD and CLARENCE, who, though badly injured, were still alive, were taken to a city hospital in ambulances. WILLIAM and EDWARD were so badly injured that they died early in the evening. CLARENCE will probably recover. The horse attached to the surrey was cut to pieces.

Angola Herald Indiana 1899-07-12