Greenville, OH Car Crashes Into Home, Jan 1976


Greenville, Ohio (AP) - Sixteen-year-old BOB FELTZ and his sister MAMIE, 12, are the only ones left alive in the wake of a crash Wednesday morning that killed six persons, including their parents, a sister and brother, and two occupants of the car that struck their house.
"I was asleep and heard a crash," Bob said.
"I thought it was lightning ... I heard my little sister screaming and hollering for mom and dad .... I grabbed my clothes and ran in there. MAMIE was against the wall and I couldn't see anybody else. I took her and ran next door."
MR. and MRS. CHARLES FELTZ; their daughter, JACQUELINE, 15; and son RALPH, 11, were killed as they slept huddled together in a bedroom trying to keep warm in the near zero temperatures, officials said.
GREGORY L. CARTER, 18, and JAMES SHRINER, 23, both of Greenville, were killed when their car left the road, ran about 300 feet along a ditch, knocked down a tree and slammed into the two-story frame farmhouse, dragging the bodies of the room's occupants from the building, authorities said. The Darke County sheriff's office said CARTER was driving.
MAMIE was listed in good condition at a Greenville hospital, Bob was not injured.
"The car obviously was traveling at a high rate of speed," Sheriff James Irwin said.
The owner of the house, Howard Long, said FELTZ could not work because of a heart condition. "He raised a garden and mowed the grass and things around here. They were all in good health, happy," he said.
The car was southbound on Ohio 49, officials said, when the accident occurred.
The FELTZ' had 5 other children, none living at home.

The Daily Reporter Dover Ohio 1976-01-29