Clyde, OH Interurban Car And Bus Crash, May 1935


Fremont, O., May 6. - (AP) - A head-on collision between a motor stage and an interurban car near here early today cost the lives of two of the bus passengers and the injury of 16 other persons.
The dead are:
MRS. GRACE B. SHANK, Trenton, N.J.
MRS. GLADYS FREEMAN, 23 years old, from North Bergen, N.J.
Seriously injured:
JOHN CORAK, Braddock, Pa., broken left leg and other injuries.
MRS. DOROTHY HUMPHREY, Pittsburgh, Pa., internal injuries, shock and scalp cuts.
DAVID YEIGH, 31, Euclid, O., driver of the bus, shattered left leg and other injuries.
The accident occurred at Clyde, O., eight miles east of here.
Witnesses said the stage was proceeding at a nominal rate of speed as a car of the Lake Shore electric railroad approached it from the east. The interurban tracks bisect the highway at this point.

E. C. STOTZ of Fremont, motorman of the interurban, said the bus was on its own side of the road until it was within 10 yards of the car. Then, he said, it suddenly swerved, shearing off its left side as it struck the interurban.

Independent Record Helena Montana 1935-05-07